Lise Watier Spring Blush

It happens every Spring. You can usually hear the shrieks coming from our Beauty Boutique as soon as we read the label on the box. Lise Watier Spring Collection. One of the favorite collections, due to packaging, pigment, and price. Lise Watier (Not pronounced Lisa Waters … or Liza Waiter) is by far one of my favorite brands known for their collections. Unlike MAC, they only release four collections a year (by season) and the Spring collection is almost always my favorite. There are some really awesome products this year, but the stand out item for me is (of course) the blush.

This is quickly becoming my favorite blush, and the obsession is sure to grow as we near closer to Spring. It came into my life at the perfect time, right after I heard Bella Bamba was being discontinued. I totally lucked out, as I now have a brand new favorite pink. This blush should come with a warning, as the pigment is seriously intense. You only need to lightly tap your brush into it if you want a natural flush, and it’s always easier to build it up than it is to take it off once it’s on.

For $32.00, this is a must have. Sabah and I have decided that buying the Lise Watier Spring blush will now be a tradition, as we can’t remember ever seeing one we didn’t love. And it’s a great excuse to buy more blush! 🙂


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