Fancy vs Frugal Friday: Mauve Lipsticks

I am not going to lie. I am a bit of a brand whore. I sometimes immediately assume that if something costs more, it’s better. And in a lot of cases, I’m right. That’s the beauty of Fancy vs Frugal Fridays. This week is a joint effort between Sabah and myself. We were swatching through some of her beauty collection, and came across a pretty impressive dupe. NARS Damage and Revlon Mauvy Night. Both of these shades swatch out to be a your lips but better in the Mauve category. We tried these both and put them to the test as we worked our way through two bottles of wine, a ton of swatches, makeup wipes, and lots of laughs. By the end of the night we both agreed, the Revlon lasted longer, and gave slightly more color than the NARS. Upon application, you will notice the NARS will have a bit more shine, and as normal, this means less lasting power. When powering through a night of wine glasses and talking non-stop, the Revlon really held it’s own. We have both used the NARS lipsticks in different colors before, and both agree that they aren’t necessarily the longest lasting, or the most hydrating lipstick. Me personally, I find the Revlon lipsticks can be a bit drying, but not enough to make me avoid them in the stores. For the price difference (NARS retailing at $30.00 CAD and Revlon retailing at $10.99 CAD) We have made the mutual decision to stick with Revlon, save some money, and buy more makeup. Here’s a cheer to the underdogs. Proof to all makeup snobs out there (including us!) that sometimes price doesn’t equal quality.


Thanks for another awesome Fancy vs Frugal Friday!



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