My name is Sabah and I have a blush fetish!

My blush problem came to a head in the last few years…. Obviously when I moved within a 5 minute drive of Sephora and Mac. Some people are amazing at doing math in their head (Almira) some people are great enabling your addiction (Sara). I’m great at no matter what is going on, how busy or out of time I am, I will always put on blush. I at one point went to work without a shirt on under my jacket but I had Bella Bamba rockin my cheekbones. This is just to give you context of the severity of my addiction. Sara, being the absolute wretch that she is, made me choose between them, with a blasted time limit. To pick my top five was a stress level comparable to cystic acne on the day you need to renew your licence. That being said, here are the top five in no partictuclar order.

NARS Outlaw- Awesome blush, I have no idea why more people aren’t talking about this bad boy.

The Balm, Fratboy- This is a great on the go, do it in a hurry and get great results blush.

Bobbi Brown Apricot- I don’t say this very often but careful of the pigmentation, it is amazing but don’t do it without a mirror.

Dior Rosy Glow in Petal-This is crazy pink, its one of those blushes that react to your skin or music you’re listening to or something crazy like that. The end result is amazeballs.

Benefit Bella Bamba- I’ve heard a nasty rumor, completely crippling if proved correct could ruin my life, not to exaggerate at all. When I heard this apparently I started screaming that it was the Cyndi Lauper of blush after hanging up on Sara.


What are your favorite blushes?!


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