A life changer for makeup sponges everywhere …

As I’m sure you know, makeup sponges have always been a pretty popular tool for makeup application. But lately with the Beauty Blender, and all of these brightly colored (and sometimes pricey) sponges popping up on the market, I have really been getting into them. The one downfall with these is the cleaning of them. No matter how much I would scrub and scrub with an antibacterial soap, or even my trusty blue dawn, the foundation stains would not budge. Being a hygiene freak with my makeup tools, I needed a solution. My wonderful sister gave me a Sephora gift card for Christmas, and I took the opportunity to purchase not only the Beauty Blender, but the soap that they recommend to use with it. I was so excited to get home, I used my Everlasting Foundation from Clarins, and was impressed by the application, but the real excitement came when I got to clean it.

This little soap bar comes in a small travel case with a vent inserted in it, so it’s extremely travel friendly. It appears quite small, but you really don’t have to use a lot to get your foundation stains out. You simply wet the bar of soap, wet the sponge and rub the two together to get some product on the sponge. Once the soap is on the sponge, you can just massage it in, and watch all the stains disappear. I have been using my Beauty Blender for over a month now, and it still looks brand new.

*Disclaimer … The first few times I washed my Beauty Blender, I noticed some pink dye coming out of the sponge. If this is a concern for you, they do sell the Beauty Blender Pure, which is a white color!



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