Another Cult Classic Confession …

As someone who loves groups, and lists, and being in the loop, it always kills me when I try a Cult favorite product and I am less than thrilled. Awhile ago, we talked about Danah’s confession. She wasn’t a fan of Orgasm Blush. Now it’s my turn. I hate the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars. * Heavy Breath * I feel better now that I said it out loud. These Lip Tars are on so many people’s must have lists, that I am shocked at how much I don’t like them. I even got the full run down on them before I took them home, so I would know exactly how to use them. (Sometimes it’s all about application and it’s not the products fault!) After applying a clear lip liner, I used the tiniest amount, using the brush meant to apply them, I waited for it to dry and set before adding a gloss on top (Oil-based as recommended) This was around 2:30. After about an hour, I looked at my lips, and had an obnoxious red lip line around my mouth, and zero color in the centre of my lip. I called Danah over to look at them, and she confirmed. I was mortified. So I have tried them again, using different shades, using no gloss on top, with and without liner … And they just don’t last on me. Stila’s stay all day liquid lipstick lasts way longer, and it is very similar to work with. These Tar’s are expensive, so I will continue to try to work with them, but for now, I have four very expensive body paints! FML …

Anymore Cult Classic Confessions from anyone??



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