Benefit Lolli Tint comes just in time for 2014!

As you may or may not know, the Pantone Color of the Year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid. Those who follow the Pantone colors, know that we will be bombarded with this color for the entire year. From house décor, to accessories and fashion, this color will be all the rage. And the world of beauty of course, is no exception. Can you hear Sabah in the background screaming? She is obsessed with this color, and will have to monitor her impulse purchases until 2015 rolls around. Benefit Cosmetics must have a crystal ball, because they rolled out at the beginning of the year, a new member of their tint family. Lolli Tint. If you are familiar with the tints, Lolli has the same texture as the Posie and the Cha Cha. Benetint continues to be the only one with that liquid-y clear texture. (Fun Fact: Did you guys know Benetint was one of Benefit’s first product? And it was made for exotic dancers to apply on their nipples! What a great Valentine’s Gift!) All of these tints can be used on the lips or cheeks (or nipples!) and they last forever! (I still have swatches on my hand that just won’t come off!) The color is a true orchid-mauve shade, however when applied lightly, it looks more pink on my skintone. It is beautiful! The trick with these products is to work super quickly with them. If you apply three dots and take a second before you blend, you will end up with three stained dots on your cheek, with a mild stain around the three dots. Not cute! Used properly, this product will give you the perfect flush, and you will be totally on trend for 2014! Leave it to Benefit to be right on time with what’s hot!

What is your favorite tint from the line?


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