5 of my Favorite Brushes!



When I was (much) younger, and I started realizing I liked makeup, I’ll admit. I was a cheap ass. I thought products that were expensive were total crap, and just for desperate people who wanted to look younger, and who would spend the money on false hope. After lots of education in the industry, and after trying some of the higher priced beauty items, I have changed my tune.(Or maybe I am now the one desperate to look younger!) Don’t get me wrong, I still think some products aren’t worth the price tag, and I have a ton of drugstore favorites, but I have learned, one of the things I will invest money in are my brushes. If you have a perfect brush, honestly it will do 99% of the work for you. I thought I would share 5 of my favorites with you, and hope you guys have some favorites to share too!

1.) Lancôme Precision Cheek Brush (#7): This is one of my favorite brushes to travel with. It has natural bristles and it’s flawless for blending out liquid or powder foundation, and it’s awesome on the cheek. You can apply your main color, and you can use the rim of the brush to dip into your contour color and sculpt your cheeks out. I have also used this for my all over bronzer. This is a must have for makeup junkies! (Think of the space you will save in your travel bag!)

2.) Quo Multi-Purspose Brush: I am showing this brush in the photo, because my Shiseido brush (very similar shape) is dirty. This little guy is kind of cheating, as it came in a limited edition brush set, and is no longer available (Dear Quo, please bring this brush back!) but like I said, Shiseido has one that’s very similar. I love to use this brush to apply powder highlights, to contour, to set my undereye concealer, and in a pinch, as an all over eyeshadow brush. (Sometimes when you’re in a hurry, a girl needs to compromise!)
3.) Lancôme Blending Shadow Brush #17: If someone told me I could only have one brush to do my eye makeup with for the rest of my life, it would be this one. (Or the Smashbox #10 blending brush!) This tapered, natural bristle brush is incredible to make any eye look come together. Honestly, I would say 90% of the time, I use this brush with no color on it. You can lay your eye look down so thick, looking like paint by number, and by the time you’ve done some blending with this little guy, you have a perfectly blended, professional looking eye look. Must have!
4.) MAC 266 Angle Brush: The beauty with this brush, is pretty much every line has one. And I am not really fussy on what I use, as long as it’s not frayed. This brush is a daily use product for me, I fill my brows in with it, apply eyeliner, smoke shadow out on my bottom lash line, and sometimes use it to apply highlight on my cupid’s bow. All in all, this is a first grab for me, when I’m packing a travel bag.
5.) Lise Watier Glitter Eyeshadow Brush: This is not a brush I grab for often. I might wear glitter eyeshadow on New Years, or a Birthday … not so much of a normal Monday. But, this little brush is SO helpful! Ideally, you would do your eyes first when doing a glitter look, and then be able to wipe away fall out and apply foundation. But sometimes, the mood just strikes you, you apply the glitter, and then you look like a disco ball. Fail! This brush is made of silicone, and really gets the glitter from the brush to your eye without leaving traces of glitter all over your cheeks. Even if you do a glitter eye look maybe twice a year, this brush is still worth it in my opinion!

Feedback time, what are your favorite brushes!?



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