DIamonds Really are Forever …


I’ll be honest; I’m not someone who requires a highlight. Even looking at pictures of myself as a child, I always seem to have a natural highlight on my cheeks. So being someone who doesn’t really feel required to wear a highlighter, I really, really like this one. The coloring just works, and I’m someone who has a lot of pink undertones, like at times I wish I could mix my foundation with cotton candy for a more accurate match. This Dior highlighter sits perfectly on top of foundation and looks really natural. I’m sometimes reluctant to use the term natural because when others use it I have visions of products I can’t see that aren’t doing anything and are just fairly lame (I’m fully aware this is neither fair or accurate in most cases). Amber diamond really is natural; it emphasizes the cheeks in the perfect way without causing strangers to be blinded by the reflection off your face. Packaging side note, it’s Dior and no further details are required.

What about you guys? Any Holy Grail highlighters worthy of sharing?




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