Danah’s Cult Classic Confession …

I’m sure that at some point in the distant future I will be documented on a new version of hoarders. I’m a collector by nature and lists drive my obsession. In my early 20’s I decided I should be a bookworm, as of this point I had never read a book that wasn’t a requirement from schooling. I combed aggressively through online lists of the best classic and modern novels before settling in. I read nearly a hundred books in a span of time that is now completely incomprehensible to me. Anyway, imagine that same drive turned on….cosmetics. I’m obsessed with catching up on all the makeup I’ve never tried. To know from personal experience what I thought of different products. Deciding for myself if they deserve their cult like status. Today I’m likely to make some enemies by saying that Orgasm blush is kinda mehhhh. In my opinion there are so many other amazing blushes from NARS. I have loads of them. I wash and sanitize them like my children but Orgasm just isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. The glitter is persistent, and by that I mean it lasts longer then the pigmentation. I know this will wound some of you and I’m sorry!

This is a conversation starter … What cult favorite products have you tried that have been just OK?



  1. Ouch on the comment about Orgasm. I love that blush! But you did say you didn’t like it because of the shimmer, and if you and S knows me, you know I’d consider that the best part. :p

    Danah-“the shimmer lasts longer than the pigmentation”. It’s like blush turns into highlighter! Lol!


  2. Dior Show mascara. Big loser in my books. The wand is big and annoying and it turns flakey after a few uses. Not worth the price tag at all.

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