Micro-Pedi … A girl’s (second) best friend!

We all know diamonds are a girls best friend. I’m okay with that, but we can’t put all our eggs in one basket. We aren’t all like Madonna circa Material Girl, getting lavished with diamonds and being carried everywhere we go. Luckily, I have been recently introduced to my second best friend. The Micro-Pedi. This little battery operated foot file looks pretty run of the mill, but this thing is AMAZING. My feet have never been softer. First of all, there is no need to pre-soak your feet. You use this device, and the drier your feet are, the better. Second of all, there is absolutely no pain and zero manual labor required. And, lastly, this machine buffs away the dead skin cells on your feet. It doesn’t scrape or cut, and it takes less than five minutes to use. Here’s the nitty gritty run down – and for me not being a foot person, this could be difficult to get through. Step one – Buy some double A batteries, they are required but not included in your Micro-Pedi box. Step two – Get a newspaper or a towel and lay it down underneath wherever you are going to be using the device. Things are about to get real. Step three – Starting at the heel, move the device back and forth on the feet, moving fairly quickly, they say not to leave it on one spot for more than two seconds … I of course tested that and nothing horrible happened, but be cautious. You will see the skin on your feet start to come off looking like icing sugar. It’s disgusting, and totally satisfying. Continue this on both feet until you are happy with the way they feel. Then what I do, is take a makeup wipe that you didn’t like to use on your face (If you aren’t a code red junkie and don’t have wipes laying around for ridiculous reasons like cleaning your naked palette, just use a wet paper towel!) and wipe the excess powder off of your feet. Follow with your favorite foot cream (Clarins makes an amazing one, but any cream will help) put on your fuzziest socks, and allow the moisturizer to sink in. This machine will get your feet beach ready in honestly minutes. I’m obsessed.

It retails for $49.99, and you can purchase a set of two replacement rollers for $19.99. Totally worth the money!

This is what I will be doing for my snow day today … Do you guys have any snow day beauty routines?



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