Fancy vs Frugal: Nude Eyeliners


Those who know me, know I have zero reasoning to what I buy. I will mull over a $25 pair of jeans at Target for weeks, but I will buy a Michael Kors bag like an impulse purchase you make walking up to the counter in a cosmetics store. Now, usually when buying makeup, I buy for the packaging. This however doesn’t really count when purchasing eyeliners. Normally, eyeliners are very simple, very practical products, and more often then not, you actually end up sharpening away the product, only to be left with a small nub, and wondering what brand it was in the first place. Now, nude eyeliners have been a huge trend lately, and until now, they were tricky to find. For the longest time, Tarte and Stila were two of the only companies to have one, but if you have a look at the counters sometime, you will see they are really growing in popularity. Smashbox’s Always Sharp Waterproof liner in “Bare” is a very creamy liner, that does not pull on the eye, and lasts for hours. And with its self sharpening cap, it’s about as fancy as you will get for a liner. This retails for $23.00 CAD, and will get you .28g of product. Okay, I can get on board with that. It’s a beautiful product, and it does really last in the waterline. But, let’s say youre saving up a for a limited edition Clarins palette … How is a girl supposed to have it all!? Enter Rimmel. Last year they launched their Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Liners, and sure enough, the star color of the line, is 005 Nude. This product is also very creamy, and holds it’s own with the waterproof claim. The price tag? $7.99 CAD for 1.2g of product.

Frugal takes this battle … I love it when I find cheaper alternatives to higher end products, it gives you such a warm feeling inside when you ring through, even though, we all need some prestige in our lives at some point!

Have you guys worn nude liners before?




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