NARS Balancing Foam Cleanser

First off, I suppose before I can tell you my thoughts on a product you should know the things I really look for. With any cosmetic product I require it to not break me out, comparable to expecting your date to not to kick you in the neck at the end of a coffee date. It’s a low bar I admit. With a cleanser specifically, I ask that it foams, like I want to look like Santa before Mrs. Clause gave him a grooming kit. Third, I want it to taste okay. Not like delicious but I don’t want to avoid cleaning my upper lip in fear of it either. This is generally where I start building an opinion. If it fails any of the reaction, foam or taste requirements I immediately disregard and move on. My NARS cleanser passed all of these categories and gave a great squeaky clean feel without the dreaded dry tight face. I’m almost at the bottom of my cleanser and I still really like it. This is huge for me; I have the attention span of a nit when it comes to skincare. I want to breakup with a product pretty early in the game and try something else not because I don’t like it but because there are SO MANY PRODUCTS that I haven’t tried. The final verdict on the NARS cleanser is a positive one. It did a great job of getting my makeup off, didn’t dry me out and left me feeling really clean. There really isn’t much more you can ask of a cleanser beyond that. If I was a loyal user of anything I would definitely repurchase.



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