Getting out of your makeup comfort zone …

I am jotting this blog down before I run out the door to get to work – everything this morning seems to be running a bit late. You know when you prepare for a morning over and over and you think it will run smoothly, and then it all falls apart? This is what’s happening to me. So of course today would be the day I reach for a new (to me) Essence product. Gel Eyeliner no less. I love the look of gel eyeliner, I used to wear nothing but gel eyeliner in high school, and then somewhere along the line, I turned 97 and stopped wearing liner all together. Well, I am tired of hearing about it on every blog and YouTube channel, so this morning I got my angled brush, and my Essence Gel Eyeliner, and went to town. Okay, I went half way to town. I wasn’t going for a crazy winged out look, as I am rushed to begin with, and I wouldn’t want to scare the girls at work. (I always get gasps when I wear liner … seriously I am 97 years old!) I kept it a thin line close to the base of the lashes, just to enhance the lash line. This stuff was so easy to put on, I gave it time to dry and it’s smudgeproof to the touch. I’ll see how it wears through the day, but I think I will be pleased based on reviews. Here’s the kicker. This liner (which feels very similar to MAC Fluidline) is only $3.99. Mind Blown. Have a great day lovelies!


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