Skincare Favorites 2013


As a continuation of my earlier post, and also for the hope of some feedback from you guys, I am doing a 2013 favorites post for skincare exclusively. I have found some seriously awesome products this year for my skin, and have continued to use products that I discovered years ago. (Cough * Bioderma * ) Here were some of my favorites of this year!

1.) Bioderma: Since this is a fairly newer blog, I hope I am not annoying people with my aggressive attitude for this product. If you don’t have this on your vanity, you need to stop what you’re doing, call a sitter if you have children, or in my case, call a taxi if you have been drinking wine. Get to your nearest drug store (and by drug store I mean Shoppers) and get some of this in your life!

2.) Clarins Double Serum: This has been a very good product for my dry, reaction prone skin. It gives a lit from within glow, and is beautiful mixed with your foundation. This is meant to be a powerhouse serum, tackling wrinkles/fine lines, a more radiant complexion, firmness, and large pores. They say 90% of women find it more effective than their current serum, and I am in that statistic 🙂

3.) Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser: This has become my go to cleanser to use with my clarisonic. You need a small pea sized amount and you get a satisfying foam lather. It leaves my skin feeling clean but not stripped, and if I happen to get some in my eyes, I don’t start to scream in the shower. Bonus Points.

4.) Eucerin Aquaphor: This stuff is amazing. I use it for everything. Hands, Feet, Lips, Dry Patches. Slap it on and move on with your life. I will also admit to using this as an in a pinch highlight on my cheekbones. (What? I read on a blog somewhere Vaseline worked ..)

5.) Lise Watier Sunsmart SPF 30: This mineral sunscreen has been my favorite for over two years now. It has the consistency of a primer, and I use it just as such. I will apply this before my foundation, and in the summer I will pat this right on top of my makeup throughout the day. It might have a contender for 2014 …. Clarins recently launched some sunscreens that look like they might replace this Holy Grail for me …


Dying to know what your skincare musts have are …. If you didn’t notice, I haven’t yet found my perfect moisturizer …






  1. This is great, Sara! Very well done! I look forward to more entries and I, too, am searching for the perfect moisturizer. And you already know how I feel about Bioderma; I have been buying it for well over 10 years now (when it used to cost $8.99 and now it’s $22). I guess I should have pulled an “Elaine” (Seinfeld) and cleaned out the west side all those years ago 🙂

    1. I can’t imagine Bioderma for $8.99. Last time I purchased it, I got $99.00 worth, since the bottles were $33 each. And I am just finishing up that last bottle, then have a 500ml to go through and then I will be officially dry. Must remember to stock up! Thanks for reading Clare 🙂

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