A must have for the winter blues …

So, I just got a hankering to blog, and after looking through some products and realizing I couldn’t swatch anything for you lovelies, (since I just self tanned) I realized I was looking at a perfect product to share with you guys. Now, being beauty junkies, I am sure you are all familiar or at least have heard about St. Tropez. Now, well known fact about me … without some self tanner and some bronzer I am near transparent. A beautiful road map of blue veins on my legs, given that my skin seems to have the color of wet rice paper. So let me tell you , if there is a self tanner out there, chances are, I have tried it. The creams, and lotions, and sprays, even professional spray tans. As much as I hate to admit it, in my younger years, I have been known to visit a tanning bed from time to time. (Shame, shame, I know.) After being a long term user of the Clarins Delectable Self-Tanning Cream, I tried St. Tropez bronzing mousse on a whim. Life CHANGED! This bronzing mousse is incredible. It’s brown right out of the bottle, allowing you to see where you are applying it, it absorbs super fast and allows you to get dressed very quickly and avoid the naked dance around the bathroom. And, it has ZERO of that dreaded self tan smell. I mean zero. It does have a scent you will notice mildly while applying, but it smells like high end skin care. Amazing. This product has aloe in it as well, and it meant to be moisturizing to the skin. I apply this all over the body, and use the remainder on my face. Never have I had a breakout or any issue with this, and the mitt that you use to apply it virtually eliminates the risk of streaks. Reference point: I use 4 pumps per leg, 3 pumps per arm, and another 3 pumps for my torso.

Have you guys tried this amazing tanner? It retails between $22.00-$51.00 CAD (depending on size) and the must have mitt is $8.00 CAD


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