When you find the one .. you just know.


Let’s be frank. Dating sucks. Especially when you’re ready to move forward with your life. This sometimes causes women to accept minor flaws in the person they are seeing in their lives. “Well, he calls his mother 17 times a day, but that’s sweet”. Or “He spends all my money, and sleeps on his brother’s couch, but he’s already had 5 children so I know he’s fertile”. But sometimes … you meet the one. And it’s a game changer. Now, I have been dating cleansing waters for many years, and let me tell you I have made my fair share of excuses, to allow the convenience of not visiting the sink on lazy nights. (Does anyone else hate it when you wash your face at the sink and water rips down your arms onto the floor?!) After years of eye burning, breakout causing, alcohol-filled cleansing waters, I met Bioderma. And shame to myself, I honestly do not remember where or why I bought this little gem, but let me tell you, he has changed the way I live my life. This fragrance and soap free water will easily cut through your foundation, mascara, liner and whatever else you have decided to put on your face that day. How I use this product varies, Usually I will remove all of my makeup with it before getting into the shower (where I would use a separate cleanser to wash my face) but some nights, the last thing I can imagine doing is a full cleansing routine with my clarisonic. Bioderma will cleanse my skin well enough to not wake up with breakouts, and it does not dry my already horrific dry skin out. Paired with Shiseido cotton, this precious product is a MUST try no matter your skin type. It is very rare that I commit to a product and marry. But Bioderma and I have been going strong for years, and I must say … I cheat from time to time. And I am always disappointed. He always takes me back. I couldn’t have chose a better partner.

Have you guys tried this amazing product!?



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