Welcome to Girl Met Blush!

If you are reading this first post, there is probably a large chance that you love beauty. You might have a massive pile of makeup both used and unused at home, buy things you don’t need because of amazing packaging, and find yourself spending way too much time reading beauty blogs and watching reviews online. If this is the case, welcome home. I wanted to create a place that beauty lovers could come and chat about what they’re loving or maybe not loving so much. And also a welcoming environment for those who are just starting to give into the full blown addiction that we call beauty products.

My story in cosmetics started early, having three older sisters (and one bathroom) I was always in the middle of the beauty frenzy, stealing my sisters nail polishes, and letting them put makeup on me all the time. I remember standing between them in the bathroom and getting covered in the falling mist of hairspray, used to support the 80’s bangs that were “oh so popular” back then. Fast Forward to 2014, I am now completely immersed into this industry. I work full time in a Beauty Boutique, I freelance, and I am constantly chatting with girlfriends about new products, old gems that we have discovered in our collections, and spreading the word when I get wind that something is being discontinued. The cosmetic industry moves very fast, and there is always something new to discover. Can’t wait to start posting and hearing about all of your favorite products!




  1. I read this and honestly laughed to myself about how true it is! I have more makeup than I could ever use, yet I go out and buy more when I discover new fun things haha Can’t wait to read more!

    xox Alie

    1. Thanks for the comment Alie! It’s so true, you honestly can hear harps play when you finish a product 🙂 Loving your blog as well!

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