Month: January 2014

Fancy vs Frugal Friday: Liquid Eyeliners

I look for similar traits in my liquid eyeliners, as I do in my boyfriend. I want them to be easy to deal with, I want them to be low maintenance, and I want them to stick around (until I’m done with them … Okay, that last part is just for the liners, when I want them off, I don’t want to rip my eyelids off to remove it!) This week, it’s Revlon Colorstay Liquid eye pen, which retails for $10.99, against Stila’s stay all day liquid eyeliner, that retails for $26.00. I have worn the Stila previously and knew I loved it, but I am always eager to find a dupe. After several tests, I have come to my decision. In this case, it’s worth it to dish out the money. Stila destroyed Revlon! But let’s rewind. At first glance, they look similar. The Stila has a thinner tip, which I appreciate, as it gives you more options on how thick you apply it. Pigment wise, I was impressed with both. They are both very black, apply without tugging, and have a great “flow”. The liners that dry up and skip on your eyelid while you apply are the worst. Neither of these gave me that problem. Where the big difference between the two came in, was wear time. I touch my eyes a lot. Probably 10 times an hour, I wear contacts and I am constantly touching my eyes. This caused the Revlon to completely smudge, leaving a grey-ish smudge at my lashline that did not look very flattering. Stila however, held up perfectly. 12 hours later it was just as black as it was when I applied it, and it was in the exact spot. And removal was super easy with my Bioderma! Check out the photos to see the smudge effect that the Revlon takes.


I definitely think it’s worth it to spend the extra money in this case, to get the most benefit out of your product.

* Quick Tip with these liquid liners … Store them facing downward in a cup, or lay them flat somewhere. This will avoid all of the “ink” from collecting at the bottom of the pen!



Benefit Lolli Tint comes just in time for 2014!

As you may or may not know, the Pantone Color of the Year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid. Those who follow the Pantone colors, know that we will be bombarded with this color for the entire year. From house décor, to accessories and fashion, this color will be all the rage. And the world of beauty of course, is no exception. Can you hear Sabah in the background screaming? She is obsessed with this color, and will have to monitor her impulse purchases until 2015 rolls around. Benefit Cosmetics must have a crystal ball, because they rolled out at the beginning of the year, a new member of their tint family. Lolli Tint. If you are familiar with the tints, Lolli has the same texture as the Posie and the Cha Cha. Benetint continues to be the only one with that liquid-y clear texture. (Fun Fact: Did you guys know Benetint was one of Benefit’s first product? And it was made for exotic dancers to apply on their nipples! What a great Valentine’s Gift!) All of these tints can be used on the lips or cheeks (or nipples!) and they last forever! (I still have swatches on my hand that just won’t come off!) The color is a true orchid-mauve shade, however when applied lightly, it looks more pink on my skintone. It is beautiful! The trick with these products is to work super quickly with them. If you apply three dots and take a second before you blend, you will end up with three stained dots on your cheek, with a mild stain around the three dots. Not cute! Used properly, this product will give you the perfect flush, and you will be totally on trend for 2014! Leave it to Benefit to be right on time with what’s hot!

What is your favorite tint from the line?

5 of my Favorite Brushes!



When I was (much) younger, and I started realizing I liked makeup, I’ll admit. I was a cheap ass. I thought products that were expensive were total crap, and just for desperate people who wanted to look younger, and who would spend the money on false hope. After lots of education in the industry, and after trying some of the higher priced beauty items, I have changed my tune.(Or maybe I am now the one desperate to look younger!) Don’t get me wrong, I still think some products aren’t worth the price tag, and I have a ton of drugstore favorites, but I have learned, one of the things I will invest money in are my brushes. If you have a perfect brush, honestly it will do 99% of the work for you. I thought I would share 5 of my favorites with you, and hope you guys have some favorites to share too!

1.) Lancôme Precision Cheek Brush (#7): This is one of my favorite brushes to travel with. It has natural bristles and it’s flawless for blending out liquid or powder foundation, and it’s awesome on the cheek. You can apply your main color, and you can use the rim of the brush to dip into your contour color and sculpt your cheeks out. I have also used this for my all over bronzer. This is a must have for makeup junkies! (Think of the space you will save in your travel bag!)

2.) Quo Multi-Purspose Brush: I am showing this brush in the photo, because my Shiseido brush (very similar shape) is dirty. This little guy is kind of cheating, as it came in a limited edition brush set, and is no longer available (Dear Quo, please bring this brush back!) but like I said, Shiseido has one that’s very similar. I love to use this brush to apply powder highlights, to contour, to set my undereye concealer, and in a pinch, as an all over eyeshadow brush. (Sometimes when you’re in a hurry, a girl needs to compromise!)
3.) Lancôme Blending Shadow Brush #17: If someone told me I could only have one brush to do my eye makeup with for the rest of my life, it would be this one. (Or the Smashbox #10 blending brush!) This tapered, natural bristle brush is incredible to make any eye look come together. Honestly, I would say 90% of the time, I use this brush with no color on it. You can lay your eye look down so thick, looking like paint by number, and by the time you’ve done some blending with this little guy, you have a perfectly blended, professional looking eye look. Must have!
4.) MAC 266 Angle Brush: The beauty with this brush, is pretty much every line has one. And I am not really fussy on what I use, as long as it’s not frayed. This brush is a daily use product for me, I fill my brows in with it, apply eyeliner, smoke shadow out on my bottom lash line, and sometimes use it to apply highlight on my cupid’s bow. All in all, this is a first grab for me, when I’m packing a travel bag.
5.) Lise Watier Glitter Eyeshadow Brush: This is not a brush I grab for often. I might wear glitter eyeshadow on New Years, or a Birthday … not so much of a normal Monday. But, this little brush is SO helpful! Ideally, you would do your eyes first when doing a glitter look, and then be able to wipe away fall out and apply foundation. But sometimes, the mood just strikes you, you apply the glitter, and then you look like a disco ball. Fail! This brush is made of silicone, and really gets the glitter from the brush to your eye without leaving traces of glitter all over your cheeks. Even if you do a glitter eye look maybe twice a year, this brush is still worth it in my opinion!

Feedback time, what are your favorite brushes!?


DIamonds Really are Forever …


I’ll be honest; I’m not someone who requires a highlight. Even looking at pictures of myself as a child, I always seem to have a natural highlight on my cheeks. So being someone who doesn’t really feel required to wear a highlighter, I really, really like this one. The coloring just works, and I’m someone who has a lot of pink undertones, like at times I wish I could mix my foundation with cotton candy for a more accurate match. This Dior highlighter sits perfectly on top of foundation and looks really natural. I’m sometimes reluctant to use the term natural because when others use it I have visions of products I can’t see that aren’t doing anything and are just fairly lame (I’m fully aware this is neither fair or accurate in most cases). Amber diamond really is natural; it emphasizes the cheeks in the perfect way without causing strangers to be blinded by the reflection off your face. Packaging side note, it’s Dior and no further details are required.

What about you guys? Any Holy Grail highlighters worthy of sharing?



Purse Proud Lipsticks!

ImageI want every woman reading this to write a quick comment below (no signing up to anything required) and tell me how many lipsticks you have. (Rough guess will work!) I am guessing I am around the 100 mark. Now, of those 100 tubes of lipstick, I thought I would browse through and see the ones that were purchased solely on packaging. You know the tubes I am looking at. The tubes you wish you had in your purse when you run into that bitch from high school, who is applying a Bonnebell gloss in front of you, while telling you how happy she is with her new family of four and her rich husband that she met right out of high school. Gag me! What a perfect time to whip one of these bad boys out. Totally purse proud products.

(From left to right: Christian Dior Marilyn Diorific Lipstick, Guerlain Rouge Automatique, Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Shine, and Lancôme Baume in Love)

Do you guys have any tubes that make you proud! I want to see them!



Fancy vs. Frugal Friday: Clear Brow Mascara


So the last time I posted a Fancy vs. Frugal, a lot of people liked it, and requested that it be a weekly thing. Enter, Fancy vs. Frugal Fridays. This week’s post is going to address a product that some believe is completely useless, and others will say they will not live without it. Clear Brow Gel. Now, I use this product on days that my eyebrows are a little unruly, or if I have missed a trimming session. This is a must have for people who have thick brows that curl, and just seem to be out of control all of the time. So, the contenders this week are Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel (Retails for $29.00CAD for a 0.28oz tube) and Essence Lash and Brow gel mascara (Retails for $3.99CAD for a .3oz tube)

I have been using these for awhile, one on each brow, and I have to say … Frugal kills it in this category. The Anastasia gel is super wet, almost to the point that you feel like you have to fan your eyebrows before you leave the house. The Essence lays down much less product at a time, giving you more control, and allowing you to use as much product as you need to, depending on the unruliness of your brow. It also feels much more natural on the skin. The Anastasia will give you a “sealant” feel, and you will feel it for the first hour or so of the day, every time you move your brows. Also, the Anastasia seems to have a strong smell … very similar to that of a household cleaner. For what this product is for, I think it is absolutely mind blowing that anyone would spend $29.00 on this Anastasia product. For a line so well known for their brow products, this one is a complete fail in my books.

Frugal wins! Save yourself some money and get the Essence!


Danah’s Cult Classic Confession …

I’m sure that at some point in the distant future I will be documented on a new version of hoarders. I’m a collector by nature and lists drive my obsession. In my early 20’s I decided I should be a bookworm, as of this point I had never read a book that wasn’t a requirement from schooling. I combed aggressively through online lists of the best classic and modern novels before settling in. I read nearly a hundred books in a span of time that is now completely incomprehensible to me. Anyway, imagine that same drive turned on….cosmetics. I’m obsessed with catching up on all the makeup I’ve never tried. To know from personal experience what I thought of different products. Deciding for myself if they deserve their cult like status. Today I’m likely to make some enemies by saying that Orgasm blush is kinda mehhhh. In my opinion there are so many other amazing blushes from NARS. I have loads of them. I wash and sanitize them like my children but Orgasm just isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. The glitter is persistent, and by that I mean it lasts longer then the pigmentation. I know this will wound some of you and I’m sorry!

This is a conversation starter … What cult favorite products have you tried that have been just OK?

Micro-Pedi … A girl’s (second) best friend!

We all know diamonds are a girls best friend. I’m okay with that, but we can’t put all our eggs in one basket. We aren’t all like Madonna circa Material Girl, getting lavished with diamonds and being carried everywhere we go. Luckily, I have been recently introduced to my second best friend. The Micro-Pedi. This little battery operated foot file looks pretty run of the mill, but this thing is AMAZING. My feet have never been softer. First of all, there is no need to pre-soak your feet. You use this device, and the drier your feet are, the better. Second of all, there is absolutely no pain and zero manual labor required. And, lastly, this machine buffs away the dead skin cells on your feet. It doesn’t scrape or cut, and it takes less than five minutes to use. Here’s the nitty gritty run down – and for me not being a foot person, this could be difficult to get through. Step one – Buy some double A batteries, they are required but not included in your Micro-Pedi box. Step two – Get a newspaper or a towel and lay it down underneath wherever you are going to be using the device. Things are about to get real. Step three – Starting at the heel, move the device back and forth on the feet, moving fairly quickly, they say not to leave it on one spot for more than two seconds … I of course tested that and nothing horrible happened, but be cautious. You will see the skin on your feet start to come off looking like icing sugar. It’s disgusting, and totally satisfying. Continue this on both feet until you are happy with the way they feel. Then what I do, is take a makeup wipe that you didn’t like to use on your face (If you aren’t a code red junkie and don’t have wipes laying around for ridiculous reasons like cleaning your naked palette, just use a wet paper towel!) and wipe the excess powder off of your feet. Follow with your favorite foot cream (Clarins makes an amazing one, but any cream will help) put on your fuzziest socks, and allow the moisturizer to sink in. This machine will get your feet beach ready in honestly minutes. I’m obsessed.

It retails for $49.99, and you can purchase a set of two replacement rollers for $19.99. Totally worth the money!

This is what I will be doing for my snow day today … Do you guys have any snow day beauty routines?


Fancy vs Frugal: Nude Eyeliners


Those who know me, know I have zero reasoning to what I buy. I will mull over a $25 pair of jeans at Target for weeks, but I will buy a Michael Kors bag like an impulse purchase you make walking up to the counter in a cosmetics store. Now, usually when buying makeup, I buy for the packaging. This however doesn’t really count when purchasing eyeliners. Normally, eyeliners are very simple, very practical products, and more often then not, you actually end up sharpening away the product, only to be left with a small nub, and wondering what brand it was in the first place. Now, nude eyeliners have been a huge trend lately, and until now, they were tricky to find. For the longest time, Tarte and Stila were two of the only companies to have one, but if you have a look at the counters sometime, you will see they are really growing in popularity. Smashbox’s Always Sharp Waterproof liner in “Bare” is a very creamy liner, that does not pull on the eye, and lasts for hours. And with its self sharpening cap, it’s about as fancy as you will get for a liner. This retails for $23.00 CAD, and will get you .28g of product. Okay, I can get on board with that. It’s a beautiful product, and it does really last in the waterline. But, let’s say youre saving up a for a limited edition Clarins palette … How is a girl supposed to have it all!? Enter Rimmel. Last year they launched their Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Liners, and sure enough, the star color of the line, is 005 Nude. This product is also very creamy, and holds it’s own with the waterproof claim. The price tag? $7.99 CAD for 1.2g of product.

Frugal takes this battle … I love it when I find cheaper alternatives to higher end products, it gives you such a warm feeling inside when you ring through, even though, we all need some prestige in our lives at some point!

Have you guys worn nude liners before?



Sabah’s Four Favorite Foundations


I’ve never really suffered from serious acne but I am someone who has almost always had a spot or two that decides to make a cameo. I also have some redness that I like to keep covered. As you can see I’m really inclined to high coverage foundations. Here are four of my favorites.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation
I got this foundation in the summer. It’s fantastic, it’s easy to blend and it really covers a lot of sins. It seems to work best for me when applied with a wet sponge but anything works well with this gem.

Clarins Everlasting Foundation
This is my go to foundation. I’ve worn it in two weddings because I know it’s going to give me the coverage and the lasting power. Everlasting has a light fragrance like most of Clarins products but I find the smell to be light and fresh.

Makeup Forever HD Foundation
This is a really high coverage foundation. It’s really great when my skin is acting up because I’ve been reaching too often to my remover wipes instead of my cleanser. Because it is so high coverage I find myself aware of it at times which keeps it from being in a daily rotation.

MAC Prolongwear Foundation
I’m sure everyone who loves full coverage loves this foundation. It really lives up to its name. I don’t see the breakdown till the end of a day.