Review: Lise Watier Blush Fondant Supreme!

Sometimes, good things just happen. A deserving family wins the lottery, Sophia Vergara hooks up with Joe Manganiello, or in this case, a company makes a limited edition product that you LOVED, part of their regular line. Enter Lise Watier Blush Fondant Supreme.

First introduced in the Eden Tropical collection, these cream blushes left a huge impression on me. They are so light, they have the perfect texture that allows seamless blending, but still leave you with an even application. The lasting power is great, and the color range has something for everybody. These are an absolute home run. I prefer to apply them directly with my fingers, but I have used smaller stipple brushes, and also a regular blush brush, and was satisfied with the results from both.



From left to right: Corail, Peche, Natural, Baie, Terracotta, and Rose.

These blushes retail for $30.00 CAD and will more than likely be my go to blush this winter when my skin gets out of control dry. My personal favorite is Baie, but I love Peche and Rose. I will be reaching for those shades come Spring time!

Lise Watier has been absolutely killing it lately, I am super impressed with her products!

What are you favorite Lise Watier products?


Seeing Double? Don’t panic, it’s just a cosmetic repurchase!

I have a handful of items that I repurchase religiously. Shiseido Cotton, L’oreal Elnett (unfragranced), Bioderma…. I mean things that I can’t live without. Rarely do I repurchase something, as I am always wanting to put my money towards a new product that I haven’t tried.

If you read my blog daily, you’ll know that awhile back (before my cosmetic spending ban!) I purchased the Benefit Sweet Tintations holiday set. Mainly because of the balms, more specifically the LolliBalm. I absolutely love this product. To purchase individually, they are $22.00 CAD, and the set was $30.00, so obviously the choice was a no brainer.

I wanted to give LolliBalm it’s own post, because I have officially finished the first tube. And when I say finished, I mean, I scooped the product out with a q-tip, and the tube is actually bone dry. It’s a miracle for me to finish a lip product before losing it, and I can’t remember the last time I went through a lippie (with the exception of my Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me)

I can’t rave enough about these Benefit Balms, but the LolliBalm shade has truly stolen my heart.


Have you guys tried these yet? What one is your favorite?


What’s in my purse makeup bag?

Let me be frank when I say, when you are out in public, and you realize you forgot something, or you need an emergency item to deal with a fashion crisis, I am not the friend you would want to be with. This is definitely Sabah’s specialty. She always has everything you need. Lint brush, bobby pin, safety pin, travel bottles of scotch … (Alright that last one might have been an exaggeration!)

None the less, I’ve gotten some questions about what I carry with me for beauty. Ask and you shall receive! Let’s jump right in!




First, I always carry a compact mirror, a case of my business cards, and a fragrance. Lately I have been carrying around CK Shock because I found this super cute small bottle, but my fragrance changes frequently that I carry.


Laura Gellar Baked Foundation: this product is supposed to give enough coverage on it’s own, but I like to use it as a setting powder on top of a liquid product.

Laura Mercier Highlight 101: I got this in a 500 point perk box awhile ago, and couldn’t be happier. This is my holy grail, must have highlighting powder, and I will never be without it!

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Cream Blush in Pink: This is one of my favorite cream blushes that I have. It applies amazingly with your fingers, and it doesn’t require a powder blush on top of it, because it finishes to a slight powder finish.

Benefit Watt’s Up: Yet another mini product that just makes me smile. (Who else freaks out about mini products!?) This product is great to sweep on cheekbones, and I love using it on my Cupid’s bow too! On days when in really wanting some glow, I will use this and set it with the Laura Mercier Highlight!


Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara: This mascara is okay, nothing special to me. But it’s small, and it’s good for a purse mascara. I don’t use it often, as I usually don’t touch up my mascara through the day. It’s more of a safety net to have in case I unexpectedly stay the night somewhere!

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Sand: This product is nice! The coverage is okay, and I love the finish of it. Another product from the 500 point kit I got awhile ago.

Smashbox Targeted Pore and Line primer: This stuff is great to touch up with, I use it similarly to Benefit’s Porefessional, but I currently don’t have a small size of that, so for my purse this is perfect. Doesn’t make me break out, and hides pores mid day when they start creeping up on you!

Benefit High Brow: I LOVE this product. I have a similar product from Essence in my everyday makeup bag, and I needed one in my purse bag too. This product is perfect for highlighting under the brow, down the nose, and the inner corner of the eye.

NARS Via Veneto: Straight up, awesome black eyeliner. It stays in my waterline longer than anything else I’ve tried, and it’s creamy to apply. And I don’t need a sharpener which is a bonus in a purse!

And of course, a pen. Because we always needs that.


Benefit SugarBomb Gloss: This is an awesome gloss for me. Everytime I wear it, I get complimented, and it is a perfect nude for me.

Laura Mercier Gloss in Rose: I love the color of this gloss, it gives me enough color without a lipstick underneath, and it’s not overly sticky.

Bobbi Brown Matte Lipstick in True Pink: Another great product. I do like to top this with a gloss, because it can be a bit drying, but the color is awesome, and low maintenance!

Fresh Sugar Balm: I don’t get a lot of color from this, but I wanted something in my purse that was good for hydration. Living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we have dry lips about 328 days of the year. So this is a must!

Bite Duo Lipstick: This is the nude version of their duo lipsticks, and I love doing the ombré look with this. Line the outer part of the lips with the darker nude, and apply the lighter nude in the middle of the lips. Beautiful!

That’s all I have for now. I carry a small travel brush set with me, contact solution etc … Again, just in case I ever get stranded somewhere for the night. (I drive 45 minutes to get to work everyday, since I live outside of the city, and now that winter is coming, I will more than likely have to crash at Sabah’s house soon! I also carry an extra outfit in my trunk!)

What are the things you absolutely have to carry with you at all times?


Beauty Blender Bombshell!

So not too long ago, I wrote a post on the Micro Mini Beauty Blenders. I love these little neon green gems, and I have been using them for just about two months now. Mine held up really well, but as I washed all of my sponges and brushes today, I was squeezing the water out of one, and I could feel a definite difference. It seems to be breaking down! For some reason I went and got the packaging and sure enough I find this…


“With proper care, Micro Mini will last 90 days.”

Well that sucks! These sponges are not cheap, and I’m really disappointed that I didn’t know this before I purchased. My original Beauty Blenders seem to be indestructible (except the ones that came in the BFF duo, both of those sponges felt super different than the sponges that are sold separately!) I’m still not convinced they didn’t put all the reject sponges in those duo sets! But my regular pink ones, and my royal shade one have held up extremely well. Even the ones that I carry in my freelance kit! (And trust me, those get beat up! Constantly being cleaned and microwaved, and they still look brand new!)

I do appreciate that I got two of these micro sponges, but had I known that they would only last 90 days, I might have spent that money on something else.

Has anyone else had these little sponges give out on them yet? If you have, let me know! And all of you that want to purchase these, keep in mind that they come with an end date in mind :(


Exfoliating Gloves: Something everybody needs!

The whole idea for this blog was inspired by a lovely woman I was speaking to not too long ago. I was telling her how I couldn’t live without my exfoliating gloves, and when I gave her a tip on another way to use them, she was visibly shaken, and excited to get herself a pair. These are the reactions that I love. I have a lot of posts coming on ” Non Beauty” things, that I use for beauty purposes. But this is the opposite. A beauty product that I do use for beauty, but it has a wonderful purpose in my home, that I will never stop using.

These small inexpensive gloves will change you life. Plain and simple. Using these in the shower with your body wash will keep your skin glowing and healthy, and they are a must for sloughing off dead skin before you self tan.
When my first pair of these gloves started to look a little gross, I decided it was time to get rid of them. While in the shower, I looked down and saw that dreaded ring starting to form around the tub…

Now for a side story. So I used to work for Royal Canadian Pacific, in Calgary. I was an attendant on the luxury train, and with that came a ton of responsibility. One of them was, obviously housekeeping, which included us having to clean our personal rooms at the end of a trip. There was never a crazy amount of time on the train, so I got in the habit of spraying my shower down as soon as I was done using it for the last time. And let me tell you, nothing is easier to clean than a hot steamy shower. The grime just wipes away, and there is no need to scrub and scrub. We had squeegees and everything to ensure not one water spot was left! It was pretty serious business.

Back to my personal shower at home, while I don’t use a squeegee to ensure there are zero flaws, I do enjoy a clean shower! So this particular day, my old train habits kicked in, and before going to throw my exfoliating gloves out, I gave the shower a good wipe down. Let me tell you, nothing has ever taken that ring away faster. These have become my number one bathroom cleaning staple. Obviously, use an old pair that you intend to throw out, or do what I do now, and just buy separate colors. (Turquoise is always for my body, and pink is for the bathtub!)

Seriously, do yourself and your tub a favor, and get youself a pair of these. And if you have an extra pair kicking around, throw them on before tackling that dreaded ring around your tub. You can thank me later!


Any beauty items that have a complete non beauty related use for you?


How to prevent and deal with frantic mornings!

There are some things in life that everybody can relate to. No matter where you come from, or what your lifestyle is, everybody in the world knows that feeling of waking up late. Or waking up super gracefully, only to realize your alarm didn’t go off, and you are supposed to be somewhere in 20 minutes. I honestly want to know, how many of you have had that jolt of electricity run through your veins? You go from a completely normal, semi sedated person, to a blanket throwing, multi tasking psychopath in about .38 seconds.

Well, I dread those mornings like nothing else, so I have put together some of my favorite tips to make the morning run smoothly for you, and everyone else in your household. (Even though the funniest part of mornings like that, are when you trample over your spouse to get out of bed, thus waking them up and sending them into a morning frenzy!)

1.) Shower at Night: I know a lot of people like taking showers in the morning, but for me, I would rather have the extra 15 minutes of sleep. Plus, if you shower at night, you can braid your hair, or put some product in it and throw it up in a loose bun, resulting in a tousled messy look when you wake. This way, you also diminish the chances of being so late, you have to skip your morning shower. And in that case, nobody wins.

2.) Pick your outfit out the night before: This is something I do mostly every night. Everything down to my bra, socks etc will be laid out on my ottoman in my bedroom. (Or in the wintertime, I tuck my outfit under my duvet while I sleep, so I change into warm clothes. Being cold is just not an option for me.) This is a huge time saver for me, as all females know, it can be a process to put together a single outfit.

3.) Cut makeup routine down to the most basic possible: Multi tasking products are your best friend in a situation like this. BB creams that can stand in as moisturizers, cream based products that can be used on cheeks and lips … These are the things to grab for. Me personally, I will apply Benefit Porefessional, fill my brows, apply my Baby Lips in Cherry Me, and a quick coat of mascara. Everything else can be dealt with later throughout the day.

4.) Play music: Another thing that eases my mornings all the time. Sabah does this too. If you are feeling groggy and just can’t pull it together, put on some music. If you don’t feel a little more energetic when Beyoncé comes on (or G-unit if you’re Sabah) consult your physician immediately.

Other things I do include turning on my lamp as soon as my alarm rings. (It’s impossible for me to get up when it’s still dark – I need light!) Putting my things (purse, keys etc) by the front door so I am not frantically looking for them in the morning, and packing my lunch the night before.

I hope these tips help you have a smoother morning, they sure help me!

Are there any other tips you guys have to share?


My daytime skincare routine!

Being a beauty blogger, I am constantly trying new products. I rarely stick to the same thing for long, but I have been getting a lot of questions about my current skincare routine. In order to break the post up a little bit, I’ve decided to share my daytime skincare routine, and if you guys want to see my nighttime routine, just let me know in the comments!

My skin is super dry, and very reactive. I am currently on a prescription cream called Valeant, which claims to be an anti rosacea agent, but was given to me to deal with peri oral dermatitis.

In the morning when I wake up, I use some Bioderma on my Shiseido cotton, and give my skin a quick cleanse. I use my Clarisonic every night, and using a full on cleanser twice a day, really dries my skin out. Using Bioderma (the best cleansing water ever!) let’s me refresh my skin but doesn’t dry it out. After that I apply my eye cream. I am currently using the Clinique Repairwear eye cream, and it’s quite nice. Keeps my eye area hydrated, but it is by no means life changing.

After eye cream, I apply my prescription cream, only on the areas that seem to be affected by my dermatitis (usually my cheeks and around my mouth) and then I layer the Vichy Aqualia Thermal Baume Mineral on top. This is a newer product for me, and I am quite liking it. I can tell automatically that some people might not love the texture, as it is thicker, and if your skin wasn’t crazy dry like mine, you might want to use this product only at nighttime.

Honestly, this has been my routine every morning for awhile. I like to keep it simple, and these products have been working very well for me.


I’ll admit, my morning routine is fairly boring. Nighttime is usually when the big guns come out! Let me know if you guys would like to see that routine as well!


Review: Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask!

Hello everybody! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week, and enjoying buying all of the makeup that I’m not allowed to buy. (If you read my blog regularly, you know I am on a cosmetics purchasing ban!)

I have a review for you guys today, for a product that people ask me about all the time. Now, I consider myself a serious lip treatment junkie. My lips (like everything else) get super dry, and in the dead of Winter, I pretty much shed my skin similar to a snake.

The amazing reviews on this product lured me in, and I have loved everything from Bite that I have come into contact with. But this product my friends, is glorified Vaseline.


First of all, I need to talk about the sheer frustration of the 15g packaging. It is a decent amount of product, but it is so bloody hard to squeeze out of the tube. I literally brought this product to Sabahs house, so she could feel how hard you need to squeeze to get some of the product out. While I appreciate the reminder of how weak I am, and how badly I need to go to the gym, I don’t need the embarrassment from a lip balm on the daily. When the product finally does come out, you need the smallest amount. This has the texture of what can only be described to me as melted car tires. It is thick, and goopy, but the uncomfortable feeling soon goes away after you apply it , and your body heat warms the product. This is definitely not a lip balm/treatment that you throw in your bag, or top up your lipstick with. This was exclusively a nighttime product for me. I would apply it before bed, and wake up with dry lips that didn’t have the remains of any hydration. I get much better results with my trusty Aquaphor, which is so super cheap! This 15g tube retails for $30.00 CAD, and I will more than likely pass this off to one of my sisters to try.

If you are someone who likes a higher end fancy lip balm to apply, I would definitely stand by the Christian Dior Creme de Rose lip balm, but if you’re on a budget, simple Aquaphor will do the trick.

This one stings me, because I could have purchased something amazing with $30.00. A classic case of money directly down the drain.

Like I said, this product gets amaZing reviews online, what did you think of this product?


Review: Micro Mini Beauty Blenders!

November 11th. A day to remember and be thankful for all the people who fought for us, and the people who continue to do so. I’m hoping after Remembrance Day is over, my rage over Christmas displays will calm down a little bit, and I will start to feel the holiday spirit. I am completely against anything Christmas related before November 11th, call me a stick in the mud, but it’s crazy disrespectful to me, and I blame the monster that is retailers for it.

Anyway – after that rant, let’s brighten the mood a bit with an awesome review! I won’t lie, when I first bought these Micro Mini Beauty Blenders, I thought they were crazy gimmicky. They just seemed to small, and my first thought was “The first time I drop one of those, it will roll into the radiator and be gone forever!”

I am happy to report I have yet to lose one, and once you get these babies damp, the size is much less alarming.


On the left, we have a dampened sponge, and on the right is dry. Below is a picture of the Royal Beauty Blender with a Micro Mini beside it. (Both sponges are dry in this photo, and both will double in size when you dampen them!)


I have been using these for about a month now, and I have to say, I really like them, and they do have some functions that the original Beauty Blender can’t give you. I use them mostly for blending my under eye concealer, and eyelid primers. They perfectly fit under my eye, and they blend the product beautifully without blending the coverage away! I have also gotten used to using this with my setting powder. Just a quick dip in the lid of my loose powder, and this is the perfect tool to set my concealer. Other uses include cream contouring (they are the perfect size for the hollows of your cheeks, and I love using this to blend down my nose!) cream highlighting, and cream blush!

I have washed these several times, and have had no problem with ripping, or staining. The solid Beauty Blender cleanser is seriously magic. They dry super quickly due to their small size, and I will be adding a pack of these into my freelance kit for sure! $24.00 CAD will get you two of these gems, and I highly recommend trying these out!

What are your thoughts on this product?


Sabah’s thoughts on Kat Von D Immortal Lash 24hr Mascara!

Sara and I recently split a kit from Kat Von D, I wanted the mascara and she the liquid eyeliner. I really wanted to try this because the wand was so bizarre. As many of you know I am always itching to try new mascara. I sometimes feel that my hunt for HG mascara may be a life long journey of the proportions of Homer’s The Odyssey. Back to the mascara. The first time I used this mascara my first thought was “How long do I have to use this before I can throw it out without feeling guilty?” I HATED this mascara the first time. I’m shocked that it ever got beyond a first use, like truly shocked with myself. Upon the second try I paired it with my Cils Booster from Lancôme, Cils makes everything better. And with this it did too, but only just barely. Eventually I managed to determine that with multiple coats I could get a decent lash out of it. The issue I had with the multiple applications was that if I wasn’t completely careful they would totally look spidery and deformed. The weird wand that had so intrigued me to begin with also is super frustrating. The wand seems flimsy somehow, like I may be bending it to get it back into the tube? It does now have a funny angle that I don’t think it had when I got it. The one redeeming quality of this mascara is that it comes off really well. Sad state of affairs when the best part of a product is the speed in which you can remove it.


Will I ever find a mascara that just works for me? What is your HG?