Smashbox Be Legendary Long Wear Lip Color didn’t hang around for the party …

Lip Laquers are huge right now. Every company seems to be jumping on the bandwagon … Stila… Shiseido … Rimmel.. I could go on and on. When these lip products came out, I was so excited to see them. They were so beautiful, and came in so many different colors. The swatches were beautiful as well, pigmented and shiny, and they definitely seemed more hydrating than some of the other drier formulas I have used. And I was right, but these are not something that worked for me. Everytime I try to wear one of these, Sabah is yelling at me to wipe my chin off. This stuff transfers so easily, and because of it’s more fluid texture, it makes if easy for it to travel outside of your lip line.



You can see from the swatches how beautiful these shades are. The issue all comes down to texture for me. I got about a 25 minute wear time from these. Truthfully, I removed the product before it was totally worn off. I can’t stand lip products that move around, and I have lip glosses that last longer than these. Overall, a disappointment for me.

What did you guys think of these “Laquers?”


Clarins Ombré Matte Shadows!

Something about Fall … As soon as I feel that crispness in the air, I run to get my boots, scarves, and my eyeshadows. I enjoy a pumpkin spice or chai latte, and I contemplate cutting my bangs. To make things easier for me this year, Clarins have launched an eyeshadow collection with my name all over it. 6 neutral shades, 5 matte and 1 shimmer. They also launched a new eye primer, which I have been testing for awhile now. The eyeshadows retail for $24.00 CAD, and the shades are as follows:

01 Nude Beige
02 Nude Pink
03 Taupe
04 Rosewood
05 Sparkle Grey
06 Earth


As you can see in the photo, shades 01 and 02 are so boring, but so necessary. The primer is also swatched at the very top. (Isn’t it dark!?) Depending on your skin tone, either one would make a great base shadow. I prefer the 02 shade because it is more brightening on my eyes, and I find the primer is a little dark for my skin tone. (It works beautifully, I just wish it came in another shade option!) All of these shades are matte with the exception of 05 Sparkle Grey. I’ve been wearing these lately with and without an eye primer, and I have had zero problems with creasing. They are the definition of “get out the door fast” shadows, and more often than not, I apply these with my fingers. They blend together with hardly any effort, and I will be reaching for these for the whole fall season. If you guys get a chance to check out the ladylike collection from Clarins, check out the model. She is stunning, and has the perfect fall sweater on!

Do you prefer matte or shimmer shadows?


What’s in Sabah’s Purse? Let’s take a look …

I’ve always lived a bit out of my car. I grew up outside of the city so when I left the house in the morning I packed for everything. As an adult, that has led to me carrying around a fairly ridiculous purse. If you need anything I’m the woman you want to track down in a bar when you realize that your ex is there and his new girlfriend is a doppelganger for Beyoncé and you aren’t even wearing lip gloss.

A lot of these are pretty clear as to what they are, but there are a few things I’d like to add.

•You should always have a makeup remover. Makeup on top of old makeup is rarely the solution ladies.
•If you struggle with under eye circles you need Benefit’s Erase Paste. I bought a kit with the sole purpose of having this mini erase paste for my purse.
•Try to find a foundation or BB cream with an SPF. Makeup bags like this become critical in the summer and we all know that we need all the SPF we can get on those patios.
•Pack tweezers, nothing shows unwanted hair like the rear-view mirror of your car. Have tweezers on hand at all times.
•Try to use lip-glosses in these bags as they are frequently left in cars and other such areas where a lipstick could melt.
•Make room for some brushes, did you ever try to apply bronzer with your fingers?

Sara laughs at me regularly when we are out for dinner at the strange things I carry around with me all the time. I’ll list a few for you…
•Band-Aids- Mine have Jane Austin on them, a gift from a bestie who knows me painfully well.
•A pretty blank card- I always have a blank card with me. Words cannot express how often this has come in handy to add to a bottle of wine for a friend or a forgotten birthday.
•Nail Glue: PS I don’t wear fake nails but this glue could hold a wing on a plane even though fake nails do tend to fall off at the worst times.
•Hair accessories- a small headband, bobby pins and elastics
•USB Stick- Lingering school habit I’m sure, but I do usually have at least one stick drive.
•A k-cup and/or a Starbucks instant coffee individual sleeve.
•Glasses wipes- these are amazing, the specialty wipes for eye glasses are a must have that thankfully my mother buys for me in cartons whenever she goes to see her eye doctor.
•Then there is all of the obvious, gum, wallet, phone, charger, hand sanitizer, hand cream, pills (Tylenol, Motrin, Midol and allergy) Dare hard candy (because I’m 95 obviously), sunglasses, floss, safety pins, etc.)

So, that’s my purse … What are the strange things you always try to carry around with you?


Sabah’s Recent Empties!

And here are some products I’ve used up folks!

No7 Beautiful skin Quick Thinking Wipes: I’m aware that it is kind of discouraged in the beauty world to be a makeup wipe addict but I am! I’m sorry if that offends you but my skin seems okay with it. I at one point made a list of all the wipes at a local drug store and made an effort to try almost all of them. Crazy? Obviously. What is crazier is that I have bought these wipes at least 15 times in the last two years. They are awesome. They do a great job removing my makeup. They have a snap closing that prevents them from drying out. They have the perfect level of dampness without being kinda gross and drenched. If you’re a wipe junkie then do yourself a favor and pick these guys up.

Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive: Okay, I probably shouldn’t even be reviewing this. I used it a few times a while ago. I liked it, I wasn’t overwhelmed with it and I wear lashes so rarely that it isn’t really empty so much as it freaked me out that I couldn’t remember when I bought it, therefore, it was going nowhere near my eyes.

YSL Shocking Mascara: Oh Shocking, I waited for you to come into my life for so long and now we part like people who realize they are better off as friends. This could definitely be someone’s Holy Grail, just not mine. I like this mascara a lot. It could be wonderful on some days but not so much on others. There was also some issues with flaking. There was some awesome volume that came with this puppy so if that’s your objective than this might be worth the money. I likely won’t buy this one again but will try different formulas from YSL.

Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Conditioner: I don’t use a lot of traditional conditioners. I typically use a variety of hair masks pretty well every time I was my hair. I keep this one on hand at almost all times though. Like the shampoo of this line my hair really likes it. After using this product my hair is almost as soft as when I use some high end masks. I’ll definitely repurchase.

Cake Milk Made Hand Cream: Gross, won’t make this mistake again. I hated this stuff. I went through a brief phase recently where I wanted to smell like baked goods? I have no idea what I was thinking. I hate vanilla scented fragrances. Anyway aside from the gross smell it left a film on my hands. The film would then turn kinda itchy. Oh and the packaging broke making it unusable in a purse. A hand cream that can’t travel? No thank you, I’ll stick to Cauldalie, Clarins or really any other hand cream I’ve ever tried.

St Tropez Bronzing Mousse: Meh, I don’t get any colour out of this line of St Tropez (I have had much more success with the express). I bought this mini to try. I used it a few times but went back to my Clarins cream. I will add that later when I found this in my stuff I used it again pretty heavily to try and get through the product and I did have a lot more colour but to get that much tan I used a ton of product. I would also add that it has no sick self-tan stench and it dries so fast that it’s a dream. IF this gave me the colour my Clarins does I would jump ship but alas it does not.


What have you guys empties recently?


My must have Beauty Travel items!

Almira and I recently travelled to Florida for some (relaxation) makeup shopping. We were on the hunt for things we couldn’t buy in Canada, and we definitely succeeded. Check back for our Haul Posts, as they are hefty, and very exciting for us! But for now, I wanted to talk about the beauty products I took with me, and my experience of them on the trip. Some I have used before, and others were just thrown in, with hope for the best.

1.) Vichy Capital Soleil Touchable Mist SPF 30: This was the first time I tried this product, and I am in love. I can’t imagine using another Sunscreen again. I finished the bottle (I reapplied like a maniac) and not once did the nozzle clog, and it sprayed upside down like a dream. I even sprayed this on my face throughout the trip, and had zero issues. My beef with spray sunscreens, is that even though you spray them, you need to rub them in with your hands. This one doesn’t require you to do anything. The mist is so fine, you can just spray and go. It gives you no excuse to not wear sunscreen, and I came back more pale than when I left. (Which is exactly what I wanted … any sign of a tan is damage!)

2.) Glam Glow Thirsty Mud Hydrating Mask: Before you scream at me, yes I brought a hydrating mask to Florida. And yes, I used it as my day and night cream. This is what happens, when your skin is so dry, you immediately flake if moisturizer is not applied seconds after a shower. My skin loves this product, and I am really glad I brought it. It was awesome on the flights too, because it kept my skin hydrated in the dreaded plane air.

3.) Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me: No surprise here, I love this at all times. The main reason this was what I threw in my bag, was the SPF 20. I had zero burns on my lips, and my lip color was awesome the whole trip.

4.) Clarins UV40 in Medium: This turned out to be a life saver. The coverage of this tinted sunscreen is amazing, and it was just what I needed. I will never travel without this again. It feels so light on the skin, is oil free, and never breaks me out.

5.) Bioderma Wipes: These were also a god send. After coming in from a busy day of shopping, it was so easy to grab one of these to wipe my face off. They travelled perfectly, and I didn’t have to deal with any spills from my regular Bioderma. No breakouts, and these removed eye makeup as well.

6.) Cover Girl Clump Crusher Water Resistant Mascara: This part of my makeup bag seriously failed me. Water Resistant is a load of crap when it comes to this. I didn’t make it three minutes in the hot tub (which is above water) before this mascara was all over my face. And to add insult to injury, I lost four eyelashes taking the rest off. Water Resistant is not worth it in my opinion. My regular Lancome Hypnose has held up better in ocean swims, than this did in a hot tub session. Garbage.

7.) Avene Thermal Water: This is a travel must. Almira and I used this so many times on the flight, and actually sprayed a man down that was sitting next to us on the way home. Nothing will save your skin during flights like Thermal Water. Hydration is key!

8.) Kiehls Crème de Corps: This was the first time using this lotion, it was a gift from Almira, and I took it because of its small size. I need to buy the large size of this, it is freaking amazing. It smells so good, and leaves my skin feeling like silk after I use it. This was a part of the Allure Magazine 50 Things to buy before you die list, and now I know why. Total Winner.


What items do you always reach for when you’re travelling?


Benefit Starter Kit! Our top 5 Products!

As self-proclaimed beauty addicts, we have decided to start giving you the top five products of different makeup lines, guiding you only to the best. If you are new to a brand, this is your go to. For our first segment, we have chosen the Almighty Benefit Cosmetics. If you are a newcomer, an honorable Benebabe, or if you’ve been hanging with Gabbi for years, this is your road map to success with the brand.

Refined Finish: Being the exfoliating junkies that we are, we have tried more than our share of exfoliators but continuously circle back to Refined Finish. The beads are circular so they prevent shredding your skin. The smell is wonderful, admittedly not as nice as the cleanser but still better than any exfoliator we have tried to date. This is primarily a manual exfoliator, but there is hit of Glycolic Acid which will provide mild chemical exfoliation as well.

Erase Paste: Though the colour range is not ideal, if you can find a match this is a game changer. The key to this product is less is more, apply with your finger tips and set with a powder. When dealing with true undereye darkness this is my first stop. Totally worth the cost as it will last you at least a year with daily use. If you experience creasing it’s not their fault, it’s yours. Again less is more.

Hello Flawless Powder: I’m alone in this one because Sara gets a fire beard of red bumps when she uses this product but I managed to still get it on this list because of my reliance on the product. ello Flawless is a powder that can double as a foundation with the help of a bit of concealer. If you have really dry skin I would consider trying something else because this does cause some minor tight face even for me.

They’re Real Mascara: As we all know, Sara’s holy grail mascara is Lancome Hypnose. I am still on an aggressive hunt for mine, however we can both agree that this mascara is something you need to try. I have recommended it to plenty of friends and family, all with rave reviews. The not so hidden secret about this product, is it is a bitch to take off. Benefit heard our cries, and have since launched a They’re Real remover, so we digress. If you have a problem with flaking or smudging and you don’t mind an extra few hours minutes to remove your mascara, pick this up next time you need to replenish. It gives a shiny black finish, and really holds curl well.

Box o’ Powders: This is kind of a cheat, but you can’t ask us to pick just one. You need to treat your Benefit blushes like your children, and try your best to not dwell on the favorite. (Lookin’ at you Bella Bamba. RIP!) There is something in this blush family for everyone, and they should come with a warning. Something like, CAUTION: MAY CAUSE HOARDING TENDENCIES! When you get one, or a couple, you just can’t stop. Both of us have blushes that aren’t necessarily perfect for us, but how do you break up family. They’re a package deal. These blushes are pigmented, last on the cheeks, blend like a dream, and come in what seems to be indestructible packaging. If you haven’t already, go get you some.


If you were introducing someone to Benefit for the first time, what would you recommend?

-Sara and Sabah

Deal of the Year: Essence Long Lasting Lipsticks!

Let’s be honest. Not everyone can afford a lip wardrobe of YSL and Dior. There are some things in life that take rank over lip color. (I know I know … Yes I said it!) Things like mortgages and groceries can get in the way sometimes. Luckily, with some searching, you can achieve the look and feel of a high end lipstick at the drugstore. Let me save you some time, and tell you exactly where you need to be right now. At an Essence wall. The newly launched Longlasting Lipsticks will rock your world. Retailing at $2.99 CAD each, these creamy lipsticks are the deal of the year. Sabah and I have put these to the test several times. Through meals and drinking, they held their own, and we could not be happier. Nudes, Berries, Pinks, Reds … they’re all there. The packaging is perfect as well. A flat black finish with a subtle ring of color running through the middle of the tube. (Love this! Who likes taking 10 minutes in the morning to look through identical lipstick tubes to find the right color? Looking at you MAC … ) While Sabah and I are dancing around to Macklemore’s thriftshop, applying our $2.99 lipsticks. Stop reading this – get in your car, and get to the Essence wall.



These shades are absolutely beautiful … Have you guys tried these?


New Stila Collection! Smart, Sexy, Sophosticated!

Stila has a beautiful new collection out, that consists of 4 eyeshadow palettes for $60.00 CAD, Lip glosses for $32.00 CAD, and Mile High Lashes mascara for $34.00 CAD.

Everytime I see that a company has released a new eyeshadow palette, I scream with excitement and groan in agony at the same time. The purpose of a palette is to simplify. Everything you need in one place. No need to purchase anything else. But when you wake up and realize you have 50 eyeshadow palettes, the purpose is slightly defeated. Alas – we are all beauty junkies here, and this is a safe environment for us. So can we please take a second and look at how beautiful these palettes are!? It’s hard for me to pick a favorite. I have a soft spot for mattes, so I grabbed for the Mind Palette first. I also really love the Spirit palette. The only one that left me wanting more was the Body palette. It just didn’t swatch as well as the others, and when you’re dealing with more vibrant colors, pigmentation is everything. The other palettes in general all swatch very well, and they blend super easily. Every palette has a nice transition color in it, and I’m confident I could do a full eye look without feeling like I need to pull any other product out. (Don’t you hate it when you have a palette that’s missing that one crucial shade?)

Stila has been known to have some fallout with their shadows, and these did give me some. Nothing like the “In the Light” palette, but enough to warrant doing your eyes before foundation, to give yourself some clean up time. Here they are from top to bottom. Spirit, Mind, Soul, and Body.




I think these palettes are totally worth $60.00 CAD. The large mirror is awesome, and my only issue with the packaging is the fingerprints. Within a day, your beautiful palette will look like the bottom of a stainless steel fridge, in a house that has small children. Similar to my YSL packaging.

Speaking of YSL, another product that makes me think of the brand is the lip glosses. The mix of silver and gold is absolutely beautiful. On first glance – these glosses looked way too sparkly for me. I prefer a cream finish to my glosses, but once applied, they weren’t as bad as I thought. The only one I went for was Garnet, which was the only one that actually gave some color. I layered quite a bit on to get the intensity I desired, and I ended up having so much product on my lips – I had the sticky strings from my top lip to my bottom lip when I talked. After some blotting, they went away, but so did the color. I’m sure these would be beautiful as a “centre of the lip to highlight” gloss, but for $32.00, that’s just too expensive for me, and you can get something similar from the drugstore. Overall, these glosses were disappointing to me.



The last thing in this collection is personal to me. I can officially say I am a member of the mile high club. The price shocked me at first ($34.00CAD) but my lashes were quickly transformed into a separated, volumized and lengethed dream with barely any work. This mascara was amazing, and it’s still early to tell, but this might be rivalling my HG Lancome Hypnose. Do yourself a favor, and get yourself into the mile high club with this Mile High Lashes Mascara. Wait, what did you guys think I meant by mile high? You guys are dirty … And I love that about you.



Will you be picking anything up from this collection?


Limited Edition products you’ve missed. This is a life lesson.

This is a mean post. I’m not gonna lie, if I read something like this my first thought would be “Wow, you’re kind of a dick” This is a post about all the limited edition products that I love that you can’t buy. Alas all is not lost. Let’s take a second and remember that you can use this as a justification for all the upcoming Christmas collections that you need to buy because you can’t deal with having to read another blog post like this.

1.Essence Blushes: This is specifically the ones in their little collection prepacks. The limited edition ones seem to pack the most punch. Beach Cruisers specifically is amazing. I love it every time I wear it and every time Sara wears it, I always compliment it.

2. Bite Beauty Deconstructed Rose Library. This was a kit came with 12 lipglosses that rocked my world. Granted not all of them are rock stars but I’ve been scratching the sides of a few of them. I love these guys more and more every time I use them. I really suggest that if they come out again you need to jump in.

3. Lancôme Holiday Blockbuster. This is an odd one, I bought it for all the makeup that I can’t remember was in the bag but it makes the list because this is the best makeup bag I’ve ever had. It has an awesome handle and can fit just about everything you could ever need in it. Perhaps it has an undetectable expansion charm on it like Hermione’s beaded bag? Regardless, keep an eye on the blockbusters coming your way in the coming months.

4. Lise Watier Spring Blushes: Lise Watier really knows what they’re doing when it comes to blushes for their collections. The ones in the spring generally have the best blushes. These are beautiful, like art.

There, that wasn’t so bad was it? Just remember when you see all those limited editions in the next little while that you should just give in. Is there anything worse than cosmetic regret? I’m looking at you Sara.

** After note … Sabah is referring to the NARS blush palette that I missed out on. Biggest regret ever!

Makeup Haul from The States!

I love Canada. Don’t get me wrong, this country is amazing. But one thing I would change if I ran this place, is the cosmetic selection that we have. Our lives consist of lusting over things that we can’t buy at our Canadian retailers, and when you watch a lot of YouTube videos from American Guru’s, it’s hard not to feel that little sting of jealousy when they rave about something we simply can’t get our hands on here.

But of course, people travel. Almira and I recently went on a trip to Florida, and came back with so many things that we had our eyes on. We also met a wonderful waitress named Sara at an IHOP in Kissimmee. She made our whole trip. Turns out, Sara took her “h” off the end of her name in grade 4. (I took mine off in grade 3!) She is someone I will remember from the trip, and she was crazy nice. I told her that she was nicer than most servers in Canada, and that’s saying something! If you’re reading this Sara, thank you for being so awesome! Almira and I both loved you!

Now, into the goodies. Let’s just dive right in, and I’ll show you guys what I got.


Psssst! Dry Shampoo: This is a product that a lot of YouTubers rave about, and I am an absolute Dry Shampoo junkie, so this was something I knew I had to have. I found it at Ulta (Which is like a makeup lover’s wet dream …) It was my first time inside an Ulta and I am hooked now! I am almost out of my Batiste Dry Shampoo, so this is next on the list.

Jane Cosmetics Waterproof Eyeliner in Black: Another thing YouTube made me buy. (Honestly most of this stuff I have YouTube to thank for!) This eyeliner is supposed to be amazing in the waterline, and it was $6.00. I haven’t opened it up yet, but I will let you guys know what I think when I do!

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation: This foundation is incredible. I already opened it, as I was just too excited to fully finish the foundation I was using before. I wear the shade Nude, and it is a perfect match. My only gripe with this, is the packaging. I always want a pump. But the coverage, the finish, and the lasting power is just what I was looking for in a foundation. This will be something I will stock up on everytime I go down to the States now.

Nivea A Kiss of Olive Oil & Lemon: This lip balm has been such a pain in the ass for me. Sabah has been aggressively searching every store around here for this lip balm, with no luck. This was one of the things on her “You have to buy me this” list, and when I found it, I grabbed one for me too. Because if she loves it, I’ll never hear the end of it.

Aero Minerale Cosmetic Puff: I was looking for the makeup puff that Tati (Glamlifeguru) uses on YouTube, but I couldn’t find it. When I saw this little guy, he was on the clearance rack for $0.97, so I couldn’t say no. Hopefully this works just as well as the other one I originally wanted. On a side note, I was also looking for the Coty Airspun powder, and couldn’t find it anywhere. Any of my American readers know where I can get my hands on that?


Flawless In a Flash kit by Laura Geller Beauty: This set was too good of a deal to pass up. It comes with her Spackle Primer, The Real Deal Concealer, a baked foundation, and a brush. For $20.00. I wanted to try the concealer anyway, so when I saw this kit, it just made sense. The sizes of all the products are perfect, and I cant wait to try these out. I have never tried anything from Laura Geller, so I’m pretty excited!

Kiehl’s Crème de Corps: So Almira bought this not too long ago for me and Sabah, and I absolutely love it. I ended up picking this one up for my boss, who also loves a good body lotion. I regret not buying more, because I am already having to squeeze my bottle a little too hard for comfort. It will be gone in probably a week. I highly recommend this lotion!

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness: This product gave me some anxiety. When I went into Ulta, I did all of Sabah’s shopping first, rang through, and then continued doing my shopping. I had one of the grey bags they let you shop with, and the orange Ulta bag with Sabah’s stuff inside of that. When I was throwing my stuff into the bag while I was shopping, this somehow went into the bag of stuff I had already purchased for Sabah. So when we got into the car and Almira was showing me everything we bought, we realized that I pretty much stole the Bye Bye Redness. It was a simple mistake, and of course I went back into the store and paid for it. The girl was so shocked that I came back in to pay for it, so she gave me an extra little sample of an eye cream I have been dying to try. Aside from the drama surrounding the purchase, I am so happy I got this, as redness is definitely an issue for me.

Beauty Blender Micro Minis: I have a feeling that these will be gimmicky. I LOVE my original Beauty Blender, but I have never really felt the need for a smaller one. But of course, they’re adorable, and I had to buy them. The lady that was helping me out, said that they are really nice from cream contour, so that will probably be what I use them for.


IT Cosmetics CC Cream: I got this in the shade Medium, and I can’t wait to try it. The coverage of this is supposed to be amazing, and I love the packaging. It reminds me of my beloved Marcelle BB cream. SO I am hoping this will make me just as happy, and provide a bit more coverage.

IT Cosmetics Brow Power: This was an impulse buy, picked up in the travel section near the cash. (Who else loves that section!?) Seriously, I can never get out of a store without buying something from those little buckets. I am still loving my Elizabeth Arden brow pencil, but I am hoping that this will be slightly lighter in color.

Dr. Jart HELP ME Skincare set: This was something that seemed like it would be perfect for my dry, reactive skin. It comes with the starter sizes of the Ceramidin Liquid, and the Ceramidin Cream. I am going to start using both of these exclusively very soon, and let you guys know what I think about it!

Lorac Pro Palette: I have been using this for about four days now … I will keep my thoughts to myself for now until I am able to do a full review on it. Regardless, I feel better being able to say that I now own this. This is a brand that Canada seriously needs to get involved with. This was a gift from friends, along with a Laura Mercier bath product you will see in a little while … And a Michael Kors watch! (I have the best friends don’t I!?)


Aussie 3 Minute Miracle: We carry Aussie products in Canada, but this is something I can never seem to find. Again, something else that is raved about on YouTube. I will be opening this as soon as I finish my L’Oreal EverCreme mask.

Caress Body Wash in Passionate Spell: This was like $3.00 at CVS, took up the most space in my suitcase, and of course it leaked. I had to bring one back for me and for Sabah. But I think it was worth it. It smells so good, without being overpowering. It’s a perfect scent for Fall. All the YouTube girls always say it’s so hard to find. Almira and I had to go to three stores to track it down.

Freeman Facial Peel off Mask: This cucumber peel off mask is everywhere online. And I have used it already. And I LOVE it. I only put it where a biore strip would go, and it makes my skin so SMOOTH! And, I also love that it peels off all in one piece. I can’t stand facial peels that you need to pick off in a thousand pieces. I should probably stop using this nightly, but it will be a regular in my routine for sure.


Finally, my Laura Mercier Amber Vanille Honey Bath: I have used this a few times, and I am obsessed. It’s one of those products that I want to use all the time, but now I will hardly ever use because I don’t want to run out of it. The honey stick microphone is perfect for Beyoncé-esque singing sessions in the tub, and the smell of this is absolutely perfect. Next time I go down, I want the pistachio version.

That’s all I could bring back with me this time, but of course the running list keeps growing for the next time I visit the States.

Seriously though – does anyone know where I can get that Coty Airspun powder? That’s my only real regret …

Hope you enjoyed the haul!